Automate your sealing process with UniSeal.  

Optimize your sealing process for cardboard-blister-cardboard and cardboard-blister with the fully automatic sealing machine UniSeal by Tommy Nielsen. Designed for eased operation, UniSeal automates the sealing process, saving you time and effort when higher output is required. 

Interested in optimizing your sealing process? 

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Easy operation 

UniSeal automates the sealing process for cardboard/blister or cardboard/blister/cardboard and is easily integrated into your production line. With flexible options for automatic or manual card loading, Uniseal adapts to your unique requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.  

“UniSeal offers convenience and reliability backed by Tommy Nielsen’s expertise in medical packaging technology.”

Flexible options for easy sealing.  

With UniSeal you have the freedom to choose between automatic and manual carboard loading, tailoring the machine to match your workflow preferences. Whether you prefer automatic placement of top cardboards or manual loading, UniSeal ensures a secure and reliable sealing process every time. 

The machine features an automatic cardboard loader that accurately positions the pre-printed and pre-cut cardboards onto the die palettes connected to a conveyer system. For manual placing, the loader can be deactivated. Simply place the filled blister onto the pallet with the top cardboard, and the bottom cardboards will be automatically loaded onto the top layer. The packages are sealed at designated sealing station and promptly unloaded from the pallets in an automated process. With a capacity of up to over 3000 packs per hour, depending on the size and shape of the items packed, it provides an efficient and reliable solution for your packaging sealing needs. 

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Your advantages

Optimized workflow
with automatic sealing functionality

Customized carton loading options
to match your needs 

Enhanced reliability and efficiency
throughout your sealing process 

Benefit from Tommy Nielsen’s expertise
and reputation in medical packaging technology 

 Flexible choice
between automatic and manual carton loading for added versatility  

Tommynielsen Universal 501FSX8736

UNISEAL 600 specifications

Function: Sealing, automatic
Products: Tablets and medical devices
Machine width (mm): 1092
Machine length (mm): 5339
Machine height (mm): 1690
Electrical supply: 3 x 400/230 V 50Hz
Air supply: 5-7 bar
Environmental noise level: Less than 75 dB
Temperature, max.: 200°C
Weight (kg): Approx. 1600

The UniSeal can be delivered with other data.