Enhance your blister packaging with RollerCut

perforation in your blister packaging. Whether you need to create tear-off individual blisters, cut multiple formed packages into single units, or add hanging holes (Euro slot), RollerCut delivers both accuracy and efficiency. 

Interested in learning more about your possibilities with RollerCut? 

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Precision in perforation: 
Tailored cutting solutions for your medical packaging needs

When precision matters, RollerCut delivers. Our RollerCut machine is designed to achieve precise perforation in medical blister packaging, ensuring flawlessly cut units ready for distribution. Whether you need to cut individual blisters, form multiple packages into single units, or add hanging holes, RollerCut offers versatility and precision in one robust machine.  

“Experience precision and versatility with RollerCut, chosen by leading medical professionals worldwide.”

Tailored to your requirements  

RollerCut RS 650 matches your unique blister packaging needs. With maximum widths of 650 mm, it accommodates diverse production needs. Plus, featuring traction on both rolls, you can achieve an even greater efficiency and precision in your cutting process.

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Efficiency through innovation   

RollerCut features high-quality technology and precision engineering to ensure a smooth production flow and consistent results. With its user-friendly controls and a robust construction, RollerCut enhances your production efficiency while maintaining high standards of quality and precision. 

Your advantages

Achieve flawless packaging 
with great precision

Versatile cutting options 
to suit various packaging needs

Reliable performance
backed by Tommy Nielsen’s 40 years of industry expertise

Experience efficiency and precision 
in medical packaging with RollerCut

User-friendly operation 

Space-saving compact design 

Low maintenance requirements 


RollerCut RS 650 specifications  

Function: Cutting of blisters
Roll Width (mm): 650
Blister depth (mm): Max. 120
Electrical fusing (amp): 16
Electrical supply (v): 3 x 400 + PE
Weight (kg): 260