Enhance your sealing process in sterile environments with MiniSeal  

Your production environment matters, which is why we have developed MiniSeal, a highly efficient and cost-effective “lab-sealer” specifically tailored for critical environments like laminar flow hoods. 

Experience enhanced sealing processes with MiniSeal, a user-friendly machine designed by Tommy Nielsen to seal either two holsters or one blister under laminar flow hood conditions, ensuring a clean and controlled environment. 

Interested in learning more about your possibilities with MiniSeal? 

Tommynielsen Miniseal 9083

Compact and efficient design  

In compact, high-demand environments, efficiency is essential. MiniSeal is designed with two core components – the sealing unit and the PLC unit – precisely engineered to optimize space utilization. Its rounded design facilitates easy integration, ensuring a smooth operation even within laminar flow hood environments. 

“MiniSeal is an efficient and cost-effective lab-sealer – tailored for small quantities and critical environments like laminar flow hoods.”

Precise control with PLC unit

Precision is key when using MiniSeal. The PLC unit, conveniently placed outside the laminar flow hood, provides easy access and setup flexibility. Easily adjust three sealing parameters - temperature, pressure, and contact time – ensuring precise control and compliance with validation practices. 

Easy and quick tool change.

MiniSeal enables quick tool changes in just seconds. Whether you’re sealing two holsters or a polypropylene blister to accommodate the holster, switching between tasks is easy and efficient. 

Your advantages

Achieve enhanced efficiency
in sealing processes

Cost-effective solution 
for critical environments

Compact design
for easy integration 

Precise control
with PLC unit 

Easy and quick tool change
in just a few seconds 

Tommynielsen Miniseal 9082

MINISEAL specifications  

Function: Sealing, small quantities
Output: Dependent on filling and operator speed
Machine width (mm): 410
Machine length (mm): 647
Machine height (mm): 535
Tooling width (mm): 250
Tooling length (mm): 200
Tooling height (mm): 50
Power supply: 230 V
Air supply: 5-6 bar
Plug on machine: Harting Quan 17 and Harting HAN 6
Power plug type: EU Universal