Your reliable solution for medical packaging of tablets and capsules.  

The Tommy Nielsen Minipharma range is engineered with special attention to detail. It’s your versatile companion for flawlessly packaging tablets, capsules, and small parts. Equipped with advanced features and customizable options, it’s the perfect choice for meeting the stringent demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Want to explore the possibilities of Minipharma and how to optimize your medical packaging process? 

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Efficiency at its finest: 
Form, fill, and seal with ease.

Experience the efficiency of Minipharma as it forms and seals your packaging in a single operation. Its intuitive design allows for easy integration into your workflow, with the flexibility to reprogram for forming or sealing as needed. Simply load the blister material and let Minipharma handle the rest.

Versatility for every application.

From tablets to capsules, Minipharma adapts to a wide range of blister packaging needs in the medical industry. With the ability to accommodate various forming materials like PVC, PETG, PETGAG, APET, and polystyrene, along with heat-sealable lid materials like cardboard, plastics, aluminum, foil, Tyvek, medical paper, and Mylar.

“Chosen by leading medical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, Minipharma offers great versatility for medical packaging needs in medium volume batches.”

Designed for efficiency and flexibility in medium volume batches.  

With Minipharma, you can enjoy an uninterrupted workflow and enhanced productivity. Crafted for medium-sized production runs, Minipharma boasts customizable features to accommodate various operator positions and filling requirements. With options for standing or sitting positions and adjustable filling area lengths and heights, it adapts seamlessly to your workflow. 

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Reliable performance, 
simplified operation.  

Equipped with simple stations for forming, sealing, embossing, and punching, Minipharma is designed to provide you with efficient production cycles, capable of delivering over 1800 blisters per hour with a single blister tool. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward maintenance make operation hassle-free, while its compact dimensions enable quick tool changes in minutes. 

Enhanced options for versatility.  

Maximize the potential of your Minipharma with optional equipment, including larger filling areas, deeper forming capabilities, and specialized devices for tablets and capsules. Control equipment for filled blisters, alu-alu blister forming, and printing equipment further expand its functionality, providing you with great flexibility in your blister packaging.

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Your advantages

Enhanced efficiency
Forms, fills and seals with ease

Versatile functionality
Easy tool changeovers in minutes

Low investment, high returns 

Optimized workflow
Intuitive interface, fast tool changes 

Trusted solution
Chosen by leading medical companies worldwide 

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Minipharma 150 specifications  

Function: Forming and sealing
Program change: Automatic
Forming area (mm): Max. 140 x 90
Sealing area (mm): Max. 150 x 100
Blister depth (mm): Max. 15
Forming material (mm): Max diameter 400 Max. width 150 Max. core diameter 76
Lidding material (mm): Max. diameter 300
Max. width 150
Max. core diameter 76
Electrical supply: 3 x 400/230 V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 7 kW
Air supply: 7 bar
Air consumption: 33 lt. per stroke
Machine dimensions (mm): Length 3250
Width 620
Height 1670
Weight (kg): 620
Minipharma can be delivered with other data.