From design approval to implementation 
in just 4-6 weeks:

The process  

In the medical industry, an effective process from initial contact to delivery of an efficient blister packaging solution is essential. For four decades, leading medical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide have trusted us to help solve their medical packaging needs. Whether you’re looking for a reliable and flexible machine – or customized tooling to fulfil your packaging needs, we have you covered.

Process for developing tooling profiles for your product (5-6 weeks)


Process for supply of machine without special requirements (4-5 weeks)


Process for supply of machine tailored to your special requirements (7-9 weeks)


This is how we optimize your medical packaging journey: 


Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment to grasp your specific needs and requirements. We dive into details such as the type and quantity of items to be packed, their sizes, and complexity. Your project is always paired with a dedicated contact who will guide you from brief to completion, ensuring an effective, transparent, and committed workflow at every stage.  


We work on a standardized platform that allow for seamless customization to meet your specific packaging requirements and needs. Our team assists you in exploring available options and customization to tailor the solutions to your exact specifications. 


Samples and prototypes are made when necessary to ensure that the final solution aligns perfectly with your requirements. This is often the case for complex blister packaging.  Once the design proposal of your blister packaging is approved, our design and tooling department begins the development of the precise machinery and tooling for your project. 


Within just 4-6 weeks from design approval, your blister packaging machine or blister forming tooling are integrated into your production setup. 


We conduct thorough testing and final adjustments to ensure that your blister packaging solutions perform according to your specific requirements and specifications. 

We conduct Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) to guarantee that your machine is constructed and operating precisely according to your specifications. These tests are conducted before the final installation, providing you with proof of the machine’s functionality, quality, and reliability. 

Additionally, we provide ongoing support to maintain the efficiency and reliability of your packaging process. 

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