Changeover in production so fast it’s redefining industry standards for small and medium volumes.  

Benefit from four decades of industry experience and a commitment to quality with the Universal range from Tommy Nielsen. It’s the ideal solution for reliable and flexible packing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Featuring a heigh-adjustable function, the Universal range ensures an ergonomically optimal working height, promoting efficiency and comfort during operation. In addition, the range is compatible with clean room environments, meeting stringent hygiene standards. 

With customizable features and a straightforward interface, it's designed to optimize your operations and meet the highest industry standards, ensuring great performance and peace of mind. 

Want to know more about our Universal range and how it can optimize your medical packaging process? 

501 FSX

Efficiency in Action: 
Form, fill, and seal in one cycle. 

Experience the efficiency of forming, filling, and sealing your packaging in a single operation with Universal. Its semi-automatic design allows for smooth integration into your workflow, offering the flexibility to reprogram for either forming or sealing as needed. Simply load precut sheets or pre-punched blanks of blister material and lid, and let the machine do the rest.

“Chosen by leading medical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, the Universal machine offers exceptional flexibility for your packaging needs.”

Versatility for every application.  

From medical devices to pharmaceutical products, the Universal range adapts to various blister packaging needs in the medical industry. It accommodates a wide range of forming materials, including PVC, PETG, PETGAG, APET, and polystyrene, along with heat-sealable lid materials like cardboard, plastics, aluminum, foil, Tyvek, medical paper, or Mylar.

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Tommynielsen Medicaldevice Packaging 8975

Continuous workflow, 
enhanced productivity.

The Universal machine operates on two identical tooling blocks placed on rotary turntables, ensuring a seamless operation flow. With a capacity of over 600 packages per hour across many applications, it optimizes productivity without compromising on quality or precision.

Cost-effective and extremely user-friendly.

The Universal range offers low investment costs, portability, and an easy validation process. Its inexpensive tooling, fast tool changeover in just 4-15 minutes, and no need for preformed blister stocking optimize your workflow and save valuable time, space, and resources. And with its intuitive touch screen interface, operation becomes effortlessly efficient.

Tommynielsen Universal 501FSX8747

Your advantages

Boosts efficiency:
Forms, fills and seals with one machine

Versatile functionality
 Combined forming and sealing
Forming alone
Sealing alone

Low investment, high returns 

Optimized workflow
Intuitive interface, fast tool changes 

Trusted solution
Chosen by leading medical companies worldwide 

Customization options available 

UNIVERSAL MACHINES 301 S 301 FS 301 FSX* 501 FS 501 FSX* 701 FSX*
Forming & Sealing function: Sealing only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turntable: Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Program change: Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Heating plate (mm): 200 x 400 200 x 400 200 x 400 300 x 500 300 x 500 300 x 700
Max. blister depth (mm): 100 100 100 100 100 100
Max. sealing pressure at 7 bar (kg): 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2*2000
Heating temp diff. Form & Seal: No No Yes No Yes Yes
Heating plate output (W): 1600 1600 2500 2100 3500 5100
Air consumption (liter/cycle at 7 bar operating pressure): 30 30 38 30 38 68
Max. load (amp): 10 10 16 10 16 16
Mains connection (V): 230 + PE 230 + PE 3x400 + PE 230 + PE 3x400 + PE 3x400 + PE
Weight (kg): 265 265 310 320 375 480

* The FSX models allow for heat differentiation, enabling two different temperatures for forming and sealing, respectively. This ensures better product protection during the sealing process and allows for the use of various sealing materials.