Medical packaging solutions

Our medical packaging solutions both form and seal – and offer a changeover in production so fast, they’re redefining standards for small to medium volumes.

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Elevate your medical packaging with trusted expertise.

Get tailored packaging solutions, designed to meet your unique requirements. At Tommy Nielsen, we specialize in delivering high-quality blister packaging solutions for the medical sector.

All-in-one solutions: Forming, filling, and sealing in one work cycle.

Unlock efficiency with our Universal machine range, combing forming, filling, and sealing in a single cycle. Say goodbye to the complexity of coordinating with various suppliers. Our integrated solution delivers a unified production process, optimizing your packaging operation.

Universal Outline

Flexibility: Fast changeover for diverse packaging needs. 

Whether you’re packaging different sizes, shapes or multiple devices, our packaging solutions can easily be configured to match your requirements. With fast changeover times, our machines are redefining industry standards for small and medium-volume productions. This flexibility ensures that you can respond quickly to changing production conditions, maximizing efficiency and productivity – and minimizing downtime.

Your One-stop-shop for machines, tooling, and input materials.  

Why juggle multiple suppliers when you can find everything you need in one place? Simplify your blister packaging operations with Tommy Nielsen’s convenient one-stop shop. Our integrated approach means you can say goodbye to sourcing machines, tooling, and input materials from different suppliers. Enjoy reduced administrative hassles, in-house control, and compatibility across your entire packaging system. Let us simplify your process, so you can focus on what matters most – delivering excellent medical products to your customers.

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Accelerate your time to market with fast implementation.

Time is of the essence in the medical industry. Our optimized processes ensure fast implementation without compromising quality. From the moment you contact us to final implementation, our team works thoroughly to accelerate your time to market. With our effective approach, we bring your blister packaging concepts to reality in just 4-6 weeks from design approval. 

Learn more: From design approval to implementation in just 4-6 weeks

Four decades of expertise
= global reliability   

Chosen by leading medical and pharmaceutical companies worldwide, our blister packaging solutions are backed by over four decades of proven industry experience. 

Your trusted partner in high-quality packaging solutions for implantation devices

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Elevate your medical packaging with trusted expertise

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