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Equipment and instruments 

Your trusted partner in high-quality packaging solutions for medical equipment and instruments. 

Ensuring control over your packaging processes is essential to safeguard the integrity of your products. At Tommy Nielsen, we specialize in designing packaging solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical industry, particularly in the production of low to medium volumes of medical equipment and instruments that demand extra protection. 

Whether it involves assembling complex packs with multiple items snapped together or creating double blisters for enhanced product protection, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions ensure reliability in your packaging setup, delivering precision, flexibility, and great performance at each stage of the packaging process. 

Take a closer look at the Universal range: Forming & sealing with one cost-effective machine 

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Chosen by medical companies worldwide

Our versatile machines and tooling are designed to meet diverse packaging demands for medical equipment and instruments, ensuring seamless production and optimal protection of your valuable products. 

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Seamless adaptation to various medical devices.  

With Tommy Nielsen, you’re ensured seamless transitions between packaging configurations for different medical equipment and instruments, from syringes and surgical scissors to stethoscopes and catheters. Our quick-change tooling system enables rapid adjustments to accommodate each product’s unique requirements. With minimal downtime between tool changes (just 4-15 minutes), your production line stays agile and responsive to your packaging needs. 

Consistent performance, lower investment requirements.

Ensure consistent packaging quality, while minimizing your investment costs. Our cost-effective machines and tooling deliver reliable performance, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted production with maximum efficiency. 

Flexibility in production.

Count on our machines to be ready whenever you need them. With their versatile and quick-change capabilities, they’re always prepared to handle your packaging requirements, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of your medical equipment and instruments.   

Learn more about Universal: Ideal across all applications, including equipment & instruments  

Learn more about MiniSeal: tailored for critical environments like laminar flow hoods

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Your advantages

Consistent high performance with low investment 

Flexible adaptation 
to various types and sizes of medical products

Easy to operate
and low maintenance requirements  

Efficiency and reliability
in the packaging process 

Precision and traceability
in each packaging step 

Quick and easy
adaption to production changes 

Complex packs
e.g. with multiple items snapped together or double blisters for enhanced product protection

Minimal downtime
between tool changes – just 2-5 minutes 

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