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Your trusted partner for high-quality medical contract packaging.  

Are you tired of using high-volume equipment for low-volume batches – and are you looking for a new and more efficient solution? We offer high-quality packaging technologies and tooling profiles customized to meet the specific needs of contract packaging within the medical sector. With our one-stop shop approach, you are provided not only with machines, but also tools and foils, streamlining your packaging process and reducing operational headaches. 

We understand the challenges of maintaining efficiency and precision in contract packaging, especially dealing with varied batch sizes and intricate product requirements. Trusted by medical companies worldwide, our versatile machines and tools are engineered to meet diverse packaging demands, guaranteeing precision, reliability, and traceability at every step of your packaging journey. 

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Medical Device
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Pharmaceutical Packaging

Consistent performance, lower investment.

Ensure consistent packaging quality, while minimizing your investment costs. Our cost-effective machines deliver reliable performance, allowing you to maintain uninterrupted production with maximum efficiency, even when handling small batches. With minimal downtime between tool changes, your production line stays agile and responsive to your packaging needs. 

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Ready when you need it.

Count on our machines to be ready whenever you need them. With their versatile and quick-change capabilities (in just 4-15 minutes), they’re always prepared to handle your packaging requirements, ensuring smooth operations and timely delivery of your medical products.   

Your advantages

One-stop shop convenience
from machines to tools and foils 

Say goodbye to the hassle
of using high-volume equipment for low-volume batches

Flexible setup
that adapts to your needs ensuring efficiency and versatility 

Prepared and ready
when you need it, ensuring seamless operation

Low downtime
with quick and efficient tool changes, keeping your production line running smoothly – typically in 2-5 minutes 

Low lead time
on blister design and new tooling 

Low investment requirements
on blister design and new tooling

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Your trusted partner in high-quality packaging solutions for implantation devices

Medical, orthopedic & dental implants

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