Packaging materials that meet your requirements  

In the medical industry, quality input materials are essential to safeguarding the integrity of your medical devices or pharmaceutical products from contamination.

That’s why we offer an extensive range of pre-cut and pre-punched blister and lidding materials to meet your packaging requirements. From medical-grade paper to low lint packaging materials offering a clean peel. 

If you require input materials beyond our standard selection, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Our team offers to conduct thorough testing to ensure they fit with our packaging technologies and tools, aligning perfectly with the specific demands and objectives of your medical packaging. 

Meeting your orders promptly.

We maintain a vast stock of the most commonly used consumables in various thicknesses and offer you low minimum order quantities to accommodate low to medium volume production environments. This ensures that we can promptly fulfill your orders, regardless of your location worldwide. Whether you need pre-cut blister foil or lidding material, we've got you covered. 

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Quality assurance.

Quality is our top priority. We primarily serve the medical industry, which demands the highest standards of cleanliness and material quality. Rest assured, our input materials comply with stringent industry requirements, giving you peace of mind about the integrity of your packaging. 

Classified Cleanroom standard

The packaging materials are processed based on your products specifications in a Cleanroom with ISO8 classification. Our Cleanroom standard is documented both “At-Rest” and as “Operational” for compliance with ISO8 standard.

Certified materials

We provide materials with certificates ensuring compliance with the manufacturer's data sheet. This documentation guarantees that our foils meet the specified standards, providing you with transparency and confidence in our products.

Explore our wide range of thermoformable materials.

Our inventory includes all basic thermoformable materials, ensuring that you find the right material for your application and medical packaging need, including PETG, PETGAG, PVC, Polypropylene, Through-Print Aluminum, Peel Aluminum, Cold-Forming Aluminum, Medical Paper, Tyvek, and Cardboard. 

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