ALU 250

Your solution for cold forming aluminum blisters  

In the pharmaceutical sector, precision in packaging is extremely important, especially for products sensitive to light or moisture. ALU 250 is a semi-automatic machine designed to form aluminum blisters in small quantities without uncompromising precision and efficiency. 

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Easy blister production, 
ideal for batch production and laboratories 

Ideal for batch-production lines or laboratory setups, ALU 250 offers an easy blister production process. Simply place foil pieces into the blister-forming tool, activate the machine, and watch the blisters take shape. With a capacity of up to 1200 items per hour, depending on blister size, ALU 250 ensures flexible and reliable production. 

Designed for precise cold forming – and protection  

ALU 250 specializes in cold forming ensuring that your aluminum blisters preserve their integrity throughout the packaging process. When packaging pharmaceuticals, ALU 250 provides the tightness and protection required for your items. 

“Precision cold forming ensures tight-packaging for light-sensitive or moisture-sensitive products.”

Customizable options to fit your needs  

Every production environment is unique. That’s why ALU 250 is available in both standard and customized models, allowing you to tailor the machine to the unique requirements of your production environment. Whether adjusting blister depth or packaging size, ALU 250 ensures precision and flexibility to meet your specific needs.  

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ALU 250 specifications  

Function: Cold forming
Blister depth (mm): Max. 20
Air supply: 7 bar
Air consumption with operating pressure at 7 bar: 55 liters per cycle
Packaging size (mm): 150 x 250
Forming size (mm): 130 x 230
Power consumption (kW): 0.1
Electrical supply: 230 V + PE
Weight (kg): 150